FarOut Fields Brittanys

INT CH FarOut Fields Wiggy Bridget
12/27/01 to 03/01/16


I'm the girl of the group that has freckles all over my body & the shortest coat. I've been with Mom since I was about seven weeks old. I was sent to her as a rescue puppy from way up North. They couldn't resist me, so here I am.

As with everyone else my hips and elbows are OFA certified, my eyes are tested normal, my thyroid is tested normal, and so is my heart. We are are all strong, healthy, sound and happy.

I'm not the pack leader around here, I love everyone, but the others know not to mess with me. If I have a bone or toy it's mine - period. All my fur brothers & sisters around here have learned to respect my warning, to leave me along when that's what I want.

My Mom has nicknames for all of us. She calls me her "Wild Child" or her "Valley Girl". You can imagine how she came by those nick names. I don't get it. Another one she uses for me is "Claws". I have really long nails. They've always been ground back, but they are just normally long quicked. I think she's just jealous.

We are all major hunters here, as our pedigrees show we're all from different, but great stock. We have access to six fenced acres that we get to run in all the time. All of us are hunting all the time. We all have different hunting techniques. My thing is to smell all around the tree trunk as high as I can reach. That lets me know if any have run up it lately. Of course, I also look. If I smell or see a squirrel I go ten or so feet away from the tree, lay down and wait. Sooner or later that squirrel will come running down and I'll be ready.

I doubt that I'll ever agree to go for my hunting titles. You see, I'm gun shy. I have good reason though. Lighting hit real close to me just when it thundered. I got bit by it. Since then I know that those sticks that make that thunder noise are going to bite me too. Mom tells me that she had planned on taking me to chase birds which I'd have loved, but I just can't deal with all the thunder anymore.

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