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It seems like there is always something fun going on here. From time to time we have "puppy" parties. Sometimes they are for adopted rescue dogs, sometimes grooming parties, sometimes for anyone and everyone. Often there are little intimate "spur of the moment" get togethers of several folks and their fur kids. In the future we are looking forward to agility parties, obedience parties, get togethers for grooming tips, and other topics. When you get to know us you DO become a member of a large family.

April 2014 Puppy Party


Alan's K Litter Party Pictures

I enjoyed meeting everyone at the party yesterday. As always, it was a blast. Lots of good food, fun gift exchange and best of all Lots of great Brits and their parents.

Here are the photos Chris and shot. The good ones are hers.




Vikki's K Litter Party Pictures

A good time was had by most at the puppy party. Some of the girls were lookin' hot, hot, hot to the younger boys. Hilarity ensued. Queso was snapping at several boys. So was Fancy. Peyton was quite popular with the boys, but I think she enjoyed the attention.

We had good food, good fun and good presents at the gift exchange.

I, for one, am looking forward to the next puppy party.

You can see my pictures here:



More K Litter Party Pictures

You can see my pictures here:



Puppy Party

Grooming Seminar for the "U" litter (6 months old) on 7/01/06

Grooming Seminar for the "R" litter (7 months old) on 7/11/07

Grooming Seminar for the "Q" litter on 4/12/07

The "N" Litter Six Month Party

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