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02/26/03 to 06/02/12


I don't care what Angel thinks, I AM THE SWEETEST ONE HERE. Everyone wants to take me home too. I'm the baby of the group and the biggest snuggler of them all. I am a champion and have my junior hunter title.

You should have seen me awhile back. I was bitten on the head above my eye by a Brown Recluse Spider. My head actually exploded. It was really, really gross. Mom said she'd put pictures on the site, but they are really gross. She could see my skull and down into my sinus cavity. If you look real close at my pictures you will see that in the early shots my face blaze is perfectly straight. Look at the later shots and you will see that it is no longer straight.

The vets around here had no idea what happened to me, but they knew I had to have surgery to remove the area. Well, they messed it all up, it all festered again as they had pushed the venom further in, again it blew up. This time Mom took me over two hours to another vet. This one knew what had happened and how to fix it. I stayed with them. They flushed out my wound with a water pik twice a day and started me on heavy antibiotics. Within a few days the venom was all washed out and had stopped eating away at me. They then sutured me up. To close the huge hole they had to pull my skin over, that's why I no longer have a straight blaze. It's not put a hamper on my showing. Even after this incident I received more points towards my Championship, taking Best Of Winners.

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