FarOut Fields Brittanys


A thousands dog bow salutes to one of the most dedicated caring women in the canine world. Your legacy will live on and on through all the puppies and dogs that have passed through your loving arms and warm the lives of their forever families. Happy Birthday to you!"

Debbie Ames


Dear Jackie:

Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with Romeo, as you know he is a Sticky and Cloey pup from the "R" litter.

I have had three Brittany’s previous to Romeo and he is without a doubt the finest Brittany I have ever owned. He is alert, curious and energetic to the extreme.

Romeo started his hunting career at ten (10) months old. We made six (6) hunting trips on public land late in the season, he found, pointed and retrieved both quail and snipe on five of the six hunts. Understand these were all wild birds that had been hunted hard during the early season. He is an independent hunter and has great stamina in the field.

Romeo is a dog that wants to do something for you at all times. He has a tremendous spirit and at times is a little willful and I love him for it.

We go to the dog park two or three times a week. He loves all people, dogs and the water. He is in no way aggressive but will stand his ground with aggressive dogs. He is the darling of the dog park and everyone asks "Is he a show dog"?

Romeo has been a joy from the day we brought him home. Thanks so much for your consistent help, insight and advice concerning Romeo. I feel that I acquired a fantastic Brittany and also a friend in one Jackie Arnold.

I believe that you breed the best Brittanys in the U.S.A. and would not consider getting my next dog from any breeder other than yourself.

Thanks for everything
Ray Hill and Romeo
Hollywood, FL


Jackie is an awesome breeder! Her facility is top notch, she stays in constant contact for as long as you have your dog and her Brits are the sweetest, smartest and best looking I have ever seen! She loves her dogs, cares about doing it right and advancing this fine breed. Go out of your way to get your Brit from Far Out Fields if you can. Five Stars!!!

Bill and Kelly Keena
Boca Raton, FL


Jackie Arnold is the best breeder we have ever met. Once you adopt one of her Brittany's you become part of the family. Her never-ending knowledge of dogs has helped us on many occasions. She is always available when needed whether you have a problem that needs to be solved or not. She has our highest respect.

Linda & Bill Pruitt
Redington Shores, FL


I've been around "dog" people all my life. I can honestly say, I have never, ever met anyone quite like you. I've met people that can talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Your passion and knowledge, blows me away. You're blunt and straight forward (I like that) no smoke, no mirrors and no skipping around the bush.

Some dog people have knowledge that they won't share. Then, we have you. A well versed knowledgeable dog person that shares and backs up everything. You give us all the latest and greatest.......... setting us up for success in becoming one with our new pups & other dogs. I have enjoyed tremendous success with my dogs but I gotta tell ya, the tools you are giving us are truly appreciated.

Maybe, because they're afraid to fail, some might become intimidated by you and the way you want things to be but, not me, I soak this shit up like a sponge. Knowledge is power. Failure, is a part of learning. The only tragedy, would be not to learn from ones mistakes.

Last Saturday, I told that visitor you had (can't remember his name) that he would have an easier time buying a gun from someone he never met than getting a dog from you. This, also is very good.

"You amaze me." Was meant to be a term of endearment so relax .............the hair standing up on the back of your neck doesn't scare me. (hee-hee)

Once again, thanks for everything.

I once told you: "I won't tell you things just because I think it's what you want to hear." This holds true then, now and in the future. You see, I too am brutally blunt and honest however, never afraid to praise. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Armand Pinard
Port Charlotte, FL


Hi all,

It’s fitting that FarOut Fields is near the Rainbow River. If dogs go to the Rainbow Bridge when they die, then doggie heaven on earth is FarOut Fields--wide open spaces, rolling terrain, lots of trees, quail hiding in the fringes, squirrels scooting about...yet all safely fenced, and constantly under Jackie Arnold’s watchful eyes.

Jackie is our Nicki’s fairy dog-mother. We met 2 states and over 5 years ago when I was researching breeds to get a dog for our daughter’s 10th birthday. She invited us up to meet Brittanys in person, and of course we fell in love with Sticky. He and the Britt girls were not just loving, playful, smart and beautiful; they were incredibly calm and well-mannered! We’d gone to other breeders, where the dogs practically ran in circles the entire time we were there. But not Jackie’s dogs. They were fast and athletic Champions, but there was a certain self-confidence, and degree of socialization I hadn’t seen anywhere else.

We also found a superlative degree of care in breeding. Her dogs are not just OFA certified. They are only bred if their OFA is good or better. Both hips and elbows are certified, as well as eyes screened. Both parents are vetted before breeding to ensure the best possible health. And of course that care is so apparent in the puppies!

Jackie helped us learn about the Brittany breed (good and bad points), questioned us to make sure Britts and our family (including a bird) were compatible, and then, when her litter we’d put a deposit on didn’t come through, saved our daughter from heartbreak by finding us another healthy litter of Britt pups just in time for that special 10th birthday!

We’ve kept in touch ever since. She continued to guide us in the fine art of owning a Brittany. (Or is that being owned by a Brittany?) We’ve joined the Brittany Club, gone to Fun Days, and even entered Nicki in Hunt Tests, all things we’d never have had the pleasure of experiencing. And all things that add up to the joy of a Brittany.

I still think Jackie breeds the finest Britts around. She knows every pup so well, she can match their and would-be pet owners’ personalities and needs to a tee. And as with us, she keeps in touch with new owners, helping with questions that arise when a new family member comes home, being not just a breeder, but a devoted mentor and friend. That unselfish love shows in everything FarOut Fields is, and it is why I recommend Jackie Arnold and FarOut Fields to every dog lover I know.

Jo O.
Atlanta, GA

Freddie and Louie

I live alone with my two dogs, Freddie and Louie. They are my family. My human family, which consists of three sisters and their offspring, live 1500 miles away. There is no husband or significant other in my life. Most of my close friends are not what I'd call dog people. Because Freddie and Louie are such a central part of my life, I also panic easily if I think there is a problem. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Jackie to talk to and consult with when my dogs present a new challenge. She is also my emergency telephone number that is posted on my house door and in my wallet and in my car. Where else would I want my dogs to go if something happened to me? It would have to be with someone who loves and cares for dogs and will step up to help until the situation can be resolved. On several occasions, I have had to help rescue other dogs from difficult situations and I guess you know who I turned to for help. Jackie connected me with the right people and helped me place these dogs in new forever homes. I don't think there are many people in the world with the ability to relate to dogs and their owners like Jackie Arnold. I consider her a true friend to me and to my beloved dogs.

Gerry B.
Ocala, Florida


As you enter past the electric gate, your attention is drawn to the expansive property, the manicured lawn, and the cleanliness of the air-conditioned/heated indoor kennels as well as the covered outdoor kennels. FarOut Fields Brittany Kennel houses rescue dogs as well as their dogs and new puppies.

Sometimes rescue's come into the facility with behavior problems, but they leave more disciplined and resilient, able to procure an awesome new home. If you arrive to carefully consider buying a puppy you are struck by the extensive thought that has been put into the breeding program. The puppies' ancestry's are well above the norm.

Jackie Arnold has a comprehensive background in the "dog world" which includes college degrees. She has more than earned the right to be a professional breeder, groomer, boarder and an outstanding "pooper scooper".

I had visited approximately 6-8 kennels before touring FarOut Fields. Since my exposure to the excellence at FarOut Fields it would be near impossible to rival their obvious hard work, accomplishments, true love for the dogs and kennel maintenance. I am no fool, I purchased my female Brittany from FarOut Fields. Her full name is: FarOut Fields Yeva Shira (Shira for short). In Hebrew her name means "life giving song" and she is definitely that for me! I was trying to get over becoming a widow, I have an irrefutable need for my special Brittany girl, Shira.

Shira's Daddy (in dog lingo - "Sire") is AM/INT'L CH Flyn-Hi's Iron Will CGC CDX JH NA, commonly known as "Sticky". Sticky's photograph is on the medium dog biscuits, rawhide bones and rawhide twists at Publix under their brand name. Shira's Mom (or "Dam" in dog jargon) is INT'L CH Angel Eyes of Hope (soon to have a JH), called "Angel". She is the sweetest Brittany you will ever meet.

Training such a well-bred bitch has been a delight for me, it keeps me occupied and happy. Shira is a quick and consistent learner and has finished her basic obedience course and some confirmation training. Shira has all ready been exposed to the show ring where she earned 4 ribbons as a 6 month old puppy! Shira has given me a life giving song, new experiences and a breeder who is always available for questions and help, after all they are ALL her babies!

Ruth N.
Lake City, FL


Joe, Saylor, Joey, and I want to thank you for all your help with our "Fur Baby"!! Zuckerman is such a joy and has brought more spunk into our home. We always look forward to speaking and seeing you. You have taught us so much on how to care and train him. With your help, Zuckerman walks super on a leash and has leaned many commands.

He cannot wait to come to your kennel, (more like a Spa) and gets excited when we get close. He loves to run the backyard and hunt all the different smells. His hunting is coming along great, as he is now pointing.

Your breed of Brittanys is outstanding and you should be very proud of your line.

Again, we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be apart of the FarOut Fields Family.


Joe and Shannon B.
Ocala, Florida


My name is Artemis and I want to tell you about myself. My first owners did not like me very much. They were always mad at me because I would not listen. They would yell at me because I would not stop circling all the time. They were always upset because I messed in my crate. They thought that if they did not feed me or water me I would stop. You get the picture. I don’t know for sure where I went next but they gave up on me. So at seven months old---color me gone.

Oops---I forgot to tell you that I am completely deaf. Maybe that is why I didn’t listen.

I ended up at Aunt Jackie’s rescue center. Not a bad deal. A bed, a couple of good meals a day, running room, lots of friends to play with. I knew I could stay there but Aunt Jackie wanted me to have a new Mom and Pop. She got a call from some people that were in the area and had seen her web site so they came by to take a look. I would like to tell you that I was charming and lovable but that would not be true. I was distant, unresponsive and did not like to be touched. The man tried to pet me and make me sit but no way. I would only run off. To make a long story short, they loved me. They named me Artemis, who was the Greek Goddess of silence, stealth and hunting. So how cool is that.

So off I go to another house. Aunt Jackie cried because I am really cute. These new people brought another Britt to pick me up. Not as cute as me but kind of nice. Ginger is six years old and now my best friend. When we got home I met Casey. She is fifteen and kind of grouchy. We get along best when we sleep together. I try to play with her but she doesn’t get into that very much.

Ginger, Casey and I, have over three acres to run on. It is all fenced and we can play in the lake if someone is watching us. Most of the time we just hunt squirrels and bark at the geese that fly in every day. Sometimes quail sneak through the fence and hid in the palmetto. Now that gets us excited.

My training is coming along pretty well. I come if you wave me in with a cupped hand. I sit with a flat hand over my head and stay with a closed fist in front of me. I wear an electronic vibrating collar. One long vibration and I pay attention and find you. One short and I stop, two shorts and I go. Repeated vibrations and I come running---when I want to. We have to work on that.

I took me about 10 months to let my new family hug me. I still do not like to be held very long. I get nervous when confined and panic if held too tight. I’m working on that too. The vet said I spin because my equilibrium is out of balance because of being deaf. At least that is what I read. Can’t hear, you know.

In all, I am doing pretty well. Proof that things can get better and if you’re lucky, someone nice will love you. Keep that in mind if you are looking for a true friend. Rescue is the place to find one.


George & Christina C.
Middleburg, FL


July 11, 2003 was the day that Buster came into our lives. He had a checkered past- he was a hunting dog. Unfortunately, Buster became the target of a shotgun and was blasted on his right side by a hunter that got excited and shot too soon. The poor little guy had to have his jaw sewn back together and have a tooth pulled and still carries shot pellets in his skin. Needless to say, this left him rather shy and nervous around people.

The day we took him home, he cowered on the floor of the car all the way to Inverness. When we got to our home, he was very timid. Bill had to pick him up and carry him across the threshold, like a new bride. We gradually showed him the house that day, and in the evening, we took him into our bedroom. Unfortunately our cat, Miss Kitty, was on the foot of the bed and gave him a slap across the face that set him back a bit.

To jump almost 2 years ahead now, he is a different dog. He and Miss Kitty are fine friends. He and our other Brittany, 13- year- old Katie, are buddies. Katie was failing in age when we got Buster. But with a younger Brittany around, she has become playful again and they have bonded well. Buster is slowly learning to play, and I try to help him along. We have fenced our back yard for him and he runs like a little deer every morning. He frolics!! We bought him a crate because he was crate-trained previously. He loves his crate and sleeps in it in the afternoons. But at night he is in our bed. Bill made a mistake of picking him up and putting him in our bed on his first night with us. He has slept with us ever since. He is such a sweet, loving little guy. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He loves to be held like a baby and rocked. He enjoys car rides more now, and enjoys looking at everything on the ride. He loves to be loved and massaged. I took a paw reflexology class several years ago with Katie and both of them love to have their back feet massaged. Apparently it helps with aches and pains and does relax them completely.

Buster has found his "forever home" with us. We love him totally. He is his own little person with his own personality and feelings. He is completely different from our other Brittany, Katie. She is rather independent and not a cuddly puppy. She loves you from a distance but Buster is an "in your face" dog that wants nothing more than to be petted, held, played with, and loved. This little guy has come a long way from the terrified Brittany we brought home.

We found Buster on the Internet on Jackie’s website. We cannot imagine any other breed living with us now. Brittany’s are so dedicated to their families and strive to please their people. We thank Jackie for the wonderful work she does with this awesome breed. Our Brittany’s have brought us much joy and a lot of fun in our lives. Life would not be complete without them.

Karen & Bill T.
Inverness, Florida


We had done our research. We had looked at LOTS of dog breeds, visited dog shows, and read about as much as you can about being a new dog owner as we could get our hands on. And we had made a decision. We wanted a Brittany...a dog who could keep up with our active outdoor lifestyle, who would love people, kids, other dogs, and still settle into our home at night for a good sleep.

Once we decided, the hunt began. We quickly realized how much a young pup would take to properly raise and knew an older dog would be better for us...but how do you find a dog like that?? One day, while cruising the internet, we found out about a Brittany rescue group in Florida. After reading more, we decided to meet up with these folks and find out what they were about. After visiting with them and many rescue Britts, we were hooked! We were sadly amazed that there were so many Britts up for adoption just waiting for good homes. We were excited about finding "our Britt" and were willing to wait for that to happen!!

During our first meeting, Jackie Arnold chatted with us and after about 10 minutes said "I have a dog for you!" We were a bit skeptical. After all, we had known Jackie such a short amount of time, how would she know what dog would fit us? But we listened as she told us about a Liver and White female in foster care who had a brother that had already been adopted out. Oh! And this dog still had her tail! We were partial to the L&W and thought well, OK, we'll meet the dog. We attended a rescue gathering a few weeks later but the dog's foster mom didn't show. We were sad, but resolved to wait and meet this dog. Two weeks later, Jackie e-mailed us and said "SURPRISE! I went and got the dog! She is here, come down and meet her!"

We literally dropped everything (much to the chagrin of our bosses) and were in Dunnellon by that evening. We went into the foster room and there she was, a tall, scrawny, pitiful looking 10 month old Britt with a scraggly tail that didn't stop wagging and the most beautiful eyes we had ever seen. Immediately I knew she was ours. My husband, however, was more reluctant. We spent the evening running with her and playing, petting, and picking ticks off the girl and finally, well after dark, my husband agreed with me that this was the dog for us. This whole time, Jackie never pushed us or pressured us to make a decision. She let us take our time and decide if we wanted to take on this Britt.

We went home late that evening with our new dog in my lap. We named her Cola (which means "tail" in Spanish in honor of her beautiful tail). Cola had it rough as a pup. Her brother was all she knew after breaking out from a hunting plantation and she almost died from infection after her spaying surgery. She was a blank slate with no clue how to play with toys or people or other dogs. She didn't even know what a treat was. And she was so skinny. Her coat was like sandpaper and she had skin allergies. The physical part was easy to manage. After some experimenting, she was on a natural-raw diet and the improvements were dramatic. Her coat came in soft and full, her allergies slowly faded, and she started gaining muscle mass from our daily runs. The psychological aspects took longer to mend.

Cola had never bonded with people, so we had a lot of work to do. We took her everywhere with us, she met lots of people, other dogs, and was in lots of new situations everyday. We joined the local dog park, which was great for socialization and exercise. She began thriving and she knew we were her people, and trusted us more than anyone else, but wouldn't bond with us. We were patient and asked lots of questions. Jackie was always there to help us out (and tease us when necessary!) and was a wealth of information during this time. Finally, about 6 months after we adopted Cola, we noticed a change in her behavior. She would look for us and lay on the floor with us, make eye contact with us, give us the occasional kiss, and finally, fully bonded with us! It took much longer for Cola to finally bond than most dogs, but she had a rough start and we really couldn't blame her for taking her time!

Today, more than 3 years after adopting Cola, we can't imagine our lives without her! She is the most patient, loyal, fun-loving, and smart dog. Her personality has blossomed. She loves people, going to parties, meeting other dogs, cats, and kids. She is a wannabe squirrel and rabbit exterminator, and professional bug-hunter in our back yard. She wins over everyone she meets... even non-dog lovers! Of course, she gets into mischief every so often, but any problems we have now are totally OUR fault, not hers. So perhaps she is more well-trained than her owners are, huh? We are expecting our first baby this winter and have no doubts about Cola's role as a "big sister", she will be loving and protective with our little one, as she is with us.

After people meet her and fall in love with Cola, we are quick to caution people how much work Britts actually take to be happy. They are NOT a couch potato breed! They NEED their people! They MUST be active! As long as people are realistic about themselves and the breed, Britts are hands-down the best breed out there (but we may be a little biased). We will be ready to adopt our next Britt from Jackie as soon as we move into our new house. Of course we want it to be a liver and white again, but again, we will trust her to pick out the dog that will fit with all of us!

It was a long road, but well worth it! Jackie is an amazing "Alpha", that is she knows her dogs! When we moved away from FL last year, we realized that we didn't just lose our dog dictionary, we miss our friend Jackie. Adopting a rescue was a wonderful experience and we can't wait to do it again!! We would be happy to share our experiences with any prospective Britt adopting family!

Shannon, Andy, & Cola S.


We still are amazed at the wonderful chain of events that led us to Jackie Arnold, FarOut Fields Brittanys and our wonderful rescued dog, Ginger.

We had lost our 13 year old poodle and several months had passed and our house seemed empty without a dog. I had always wanted a larger dog and began to do extensive research on the different breeds. When we finally settled on a Brittany, I searched the web and thankfully, found Jackie. You don't ever have to wonder what she's thinking or where you stand with her. :) She's very straightforward and LOVES her dogs! So when I told her in an email that I was looking for a puppy, she demanded to know why? She told me she thought anyone who wanted a puppy when they could get a grown dog to love who was out of the puppy stage was insane. Undaunted, I responded with my reasons for wanting a puppy and her reply was, "You answered the questions right. I think I have a dog for you." But first we had to pass a rigorous investigation into our "worthiness" of being allowed to bring one of Jackie's rescue dogs into our home. (Did I tell you that she LOVES her dogs?) After checking our references, looking at pictures of our home, spending time talking to us by email, on the phone and having us fill out an extensive questionaire, Jackie agreed that we could adopt Ginger.

Ginger was just a few months old and had survived pet store mania, a household that decided that she was too rough on their "Rotties" and had taken her to a kill shelter to unload this "unmanageable" puppy. Someone there had the heart to call Jackie who rescued this incredibly sweet and beautiful dog.

It was so important to me that we truly bond and that the dog that came to live with us was really the right one. I took a trip from the Jacksonville area (Orange Park) along with my daughter and grandson who was about 14 months old to go get acquainted with Ginger. From the moment I met her, we seemed to connect. Jackie took her up to the house so that we could interact with her. At such a young age, this dog who "terrorized" Rotties, was gentle and protective of my grandson, following him around Jackie's house if he left the room. We were all in love with her!

Jackie has taught me so much in how to care for her. She has given me grooming advice, taught me many training tricks and has been a wonderful resource. She is on call for advice when one is about to loose one's mind during the challenging, but exciting, puppy stages. Even though Ginger was 5-6 months old when we got her, she still had A LOT of puppy left in her and lots of corralling to do with her behavior. Jackie was there with me giving counsel as I needed it. Not only are we blessed to have found such a wonderful dog to be part of our family, we have found new friends in Jackie and Rodger at FarOut Fields Brittanys! Ginger loves going there and seeing her dog friends.

Lois & Sam C.
Orange Park, FL

The Ralph/Jack Story


After 13 years of being dog-less, we knew we wanted a dog again, but we didn’t know what kind of dog. The Brittany breed was attractive to us, but we didn’t know much about them at all. I was invited for a visit to see the dogs and to talk to her. I spent several hours with Jackie, watching her beautiful Brittanys and learning about the breed. Jackie possesses a wealth of information about Brittanys and about dogs in general, and shares this readily. I learned a LOT that day, the history of the breed, breed characteristics, health issues, etc. After watching her Brittanys run all over the six-acre ranch, chasing squirrels and having a lot of fun, I really felt that I didn’t have enough room for a Brittany, and maybe a Brittany would be too much dog for me. I called her a couple of days later to tell her that.

She was surprised at my decision, and told me she thought I would do good with a Brittany, and invited me back up to consider a couple of the rescue dogs who would be limited in the amount of running they could do, due to leg injuries that they had sustained in their (previous-to-rescue) lives. One of those dogs was a sweet liver-and-white adult dog named Ralph whom I had spent much of my afternoon visiting with, watching him being bathed and groomed, and had been very impressed with his grace and composure during all of the grooming. (I wouldn’t admit it to myself then, but I had been very taken with this dog.) I went back and went through the formality of looking at the other dog, along with saying hello to Ralph again. Jackie reiterated that she thought I would do well with a Brittany (and she couldn’t have been more right). I asked her which she thought would be better for me, since she knew the dogs and I didn’t. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, "To be honest with you, I think Ralph is your dog." Secretly, it was exactly what I wanted to hear. Again, she couldn’t have been more right. Ralph had tested well with cats, and that was important, as we also have a then-2-year-old housecat. And so Ralph it was.


I was so excited and happy, but we had a lot of preparations to do before we could bring Ralph home. I had so many questions and felt like a new mother, all nervous to make sure everything would be perfect. And of course, Jackie was very calm and helpful with each question I brought up, giving me guidance and support. It took a couple of weeks to get our home ready, and then the day came. Jackie says the dogs know when they have been adopted, and apparently Ralph knew he had found a forever home. We came to pick him up, and had arranged for Jackie to accompany us to Petsmart to help us get all the necessary do-dads for Ralph. Jackie was very helpful with advice about getting Ralph settled in, establishing a routine, lots of information on general care, etc., as we went through each aisle. We got through the store, making sure one of our purchases was a dog tag with all our information on it to put on his new collar before we even left the store. That was reassuring to me and made me feel like he was officially ours, and there was no chance he could ever get lost again.


We wanted to change Ralph’s name to Jack, but wanted it to be as easy and stress free for him as possible. For the first few weeks, we called him Ralph with each command or every time we spoke to him, because we felt that everything in his whole world had suddenly changed, and the name Ralph was about the only constant. We used the name to reassure him when we felt he needed it. After we could see that he was comfortable with us and had established himself in some daily routines, we began to drop the name Ralph when we gave him a command. We would just say the command (i.e., "sit", etc.). After we had dropped the "Ralph" from the command sequence for a short time, we began saying "Jack" whenever we gave him a treat, and then with the "come" command. And then we added "Jack" to other commands. It took a couple of weeks, and by then he was responding to Jack and knew it was his name. Then it was time for another visit to Petsmart and another dog tag with his new name.


Ralph/Jack settled into our home seamlessly from the first moment. The cat was very curious about this new animal in the house, but very scared. Ralph/Jack was the most gentlemanly dog you could ever hope for, and along with all of his exceptional house manners, he never once tried to intimidate or in any way scare the cat. He pretty much let the cat make the first moves, which in cat politics, is very wise. We had blocked off a back bedroom with a short bookcase so that the cat could have a sanctuary from the dog whenever he (the cat) was overwhelmed, and had established the cat’s feeding area in this room. Ralph/Jack respected the boundaries and the cat, and it wasn’t very long before the cat felt comfortable being in the same room with us and the dog. Soon the bookcase came down after unexpectedly coming into the house one day to find Jack and the cat asleep in the cat’s bedroom. Jack sheepishly jumped over the bookcase back to where he was supposed to be, like maybe we wouldn’t notice... The relationship between Jack and the cat has continued to blossom, to the point now where they romp together, playing tag and always acknowledging the other when each enters a room. They also play hide-and-seek with each other. The cat likes to ambush Jack, hiding behind a chair or something and then jumping out and giving Jack a cat-bearhug as Jack walks/runs by. Jack is very tolerant of this, and will let the cat do what he wants. They are now beginning to snuggle a little bit too. Much of the success of the relationship must be granted to Jack’s gentleness, patience, and kindness.


After a few weeks of having Jack with us, he graduated from being crated while we were at work, and was allowed the privilege of roaming the house. As things came up and he proved himself capable and trustworthy, he was granted privileges. He accepted each privilege as they came along with such dignity and graciousness and made it plain that he was very grateful and proud to have proven himself each time. It wasn’t long before we could see that he considered our home to be his home too. What was surprising to us is how many levels of this we have seen. After a month we could see how he was more comfortable and at ease; after three months he was even more relaxed and happy. We have had him for nine months now, and in the last couple of months, there has been an even greater change in Jack. He knows he is part of our family, he knows he can be himself. He still tests his boundaries and can show his stubbornness also, but he does this with such personality. He is much more expressive in his affection, although he was always quite affectionate.


Jack is the best dog in the whole wide world. He has continued to amaze us at what a good dog he is, how quick he can figure out what we want, and how willing he is to please us. He is such a handsome fellow on top of all that--people always stop to admire him wherever we take him. We feel so fortunate for being able to be his new family. It’s very difficult for me to understand how anyone could give this dog up--if he strayed, why didn’t they continue to look for him? How could they give up? Why did they give up? I guess I’ll never know, no less understand this. When we first got Jack, I used to wonder if he missed his first family and empathized the hurt he must have felt. And once in awhile he’d put his head down, and I’d wonder if he was sad. I haven’t seen him look sad in a long time now, and I believe he feels he’s really part of our family, and maybe this has healed his broken heart. It has been most rewarding to have brought Jack into our home and hearts. He brings us so much joy and laughter and fun. He has a big heart himself and a lot of love to give, and he gives 100%. He has enriched our lives incredibly. Thank you, Jackie, for changing my mind and convincing me he was right for me (though it didn’t take much convincing). You could not have been more accurate. And thank you for being there, being who you are, doing what you are doing. Ralph/Jack thanks you too, for saving his life and giving him another chance, and for loving him as you love all of your dogs.

Paulyn and Gil B.
Beverly Hills, Florida

Mister Bob

Mister Bob has become the newest member of our family thanks to Jackie. Since we had lost our Brittany of 16 years, we had been looking to find that very special furry friend to join our family. We found Jackie and some of the nicest Brittanys we've ever met. We wanted to give an unwanted dog a home.

Jackie is as selective in the acceptance of adoptive parents as the prospective parents are with their selection of a furry kid. We visited FarOut Fields Brittanys to see a puppy named Mister. We were welcomed warmly and interviewed as prospective adoptives, but Mister took matters into his own paws. He got tired of waiting for an introduction so he climbed out of the grooming pen to introduce himself. It was love at first sight. Check out the photos!

Mister is a great dog, full of energy, mischief and smart as a can be. We will never be able to understand how he could have gotten thrown away. He is learning his manners and has found his place in our family. He also, has earned his full name, Mister Bob. We have a pool and shortly after he arrived his nosey behavior got him in trouble. He was so busy watching everyone else he walked into the pool. He "bobbed" to the surface and swam out just like he had been doing it all his short life. So, he was christened Mister Bob. He has rejuvenated our older English Springer Spaniel with all his activity.

Jackie has been there all along the way, answering questions and giving support whenever needed. We highly recommend Jackie to all our friends and co-workers. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

Joe & Melanie F.
Altamonte Springs, FL


Roger is the most special dog I have ever had the chance to know and love. It's hard to believe someone gave him up and that he was in a "kill" shelter before finding his way to Jackie. His antic's keep us laughing on a daily basis. His personality radiates from his slowly graying face. Even though he is 11 years old, he grows "younger" by the day. We are very blessed to have this dog in our life, and for that I thank Jackie Arnold very much for letting us adopt such a wonderful "older" dog. People have no idea what they are missing by not wanting to adopt an older dog. They bond, love, have none of the problems that come with a puppy, and are a joy to have in your life. Roger will soon be participating in his first "hunt test", showing, yet again, that his age is just a number.

Nicole R.
Ocala, FL


In the spring of 2003, I noticed the web listing for Yauger, who was photographed pointing to a bug. My husband and I were touched by Jackie’s thoughtful description, in particular, his having the kindest heart and having a guarded perspective of the world. (original description) Yauger was fortunate to wind up in her custody, and she put a lot of effort into making him whole.

Before long, we traveled to Ocala with our 8-year-old Brittany to get acquainted with the "Yauggie Doggie," as he was nicknamed. He kept some distance from us, but he was happy to play with our dog, Rocky. Jackie had viewed pictures of our home and phoned our references before-hand, but it was far from a sure thing when we traveled the 400 miles. I recall the moment when she granted us ownership; we had been a little nervous about it. Jackie then accompanied us to the Petsmart store in Ocala to help us find gear and toys for Yauger. She was obviously devoted to his welfare and wanted a successful adoption. We appreciated her recommendations. I cannot imagine saying good-bye to a "fur kid" as kind and appreciative as Yauger, but she handled it like a pro.

On our way out of town, each dog received a cheeseburger and some fries (believe it or not, this was Jackie's idea). I thought Yauger was the most beautiful dog I'd ever seen. He was nicely manicured from head to toe and turned heads everywhere we went. I was also blown away by his manners on the leash. Let's just say that Rocky helped in the expectations department.

It took several days for Yauger to adjust to his new surroundings. For one thing, we were not authoritative people like the ones he had known. For another, he had to adjust to doing things at his leisure, such as accessing the back yard through the dog door. His brother reluctantly became an integral part of his life. Initially, I got the feeling that he wanted to return to the clinic in Ocala. But Jackie's prediction was right--after six months, Yauger shed his baggage. When we met, he was a skinny, inwardly turned boy who was certain that people were unstable. After receiving consistent love from us, regardless of his actions, he grew into a contented and trusting adult with sparkling eyes. Now he loves hugs and kisses. He is clearly at ease in our home and stays nearby as we move around. He's getting better about giving visitors a chance to be friendly with him. I wish you could see his expression when we dote on him! He nearly does cartwheels, and he smiles.

Yauger is a cherished part of our family, and because it was a gradual and occasionally trying process, we are especially proud to have earned his friendship. We're also proud of Rocky, who had to accept not being an "only child." The fun times for Yauger include romping around the cul-de-sac, getting treats, curling up in bed with Rocky and me, chomping on ice cubes, going for car rides, and walking on a leash. Squeaky toys make him tremendously happy. He's cooperative about being groomed and even going to the vet's again, this is more than we expected. My husband and I just gush over our boys because they're precious angels! When Rocky eventually says farewell, we will look to Jackie for a young playmate for Yauger. Many thanks go to Jackie, for helping us locate and care for this former rescue. We will bring our boys to visit whenever we can.

Teresa & Adam C.
Fort Walton Beach, FL


Jackie at FarOut Fields is fantastic! Our Brittany puppy, Lola, is now 11 months old. Jackie is always there for questions and concerns. She always keeps you up to date with the latest on food, medicines and other announcements. Lola is a beautiful healthy Brittany that's become a valuable member of our family.

April and Robert Cabal
Washington, D.C.


Being former Brittany owners we knew of the intelligence and loyality of this breed. When searching for a Brittany pup, we found at FarOut Fields dogs whose personalities and hunting abilities were outstanding. Jackie and Rodger are also devoted to sharing all aspects of their care, training and grooming. It's like being a member of an extended family. The Brittany is a smart, enthusiastic hunter;we have seen Britts from FarOut Fields, both raised there and their rescues, exhibit their wonderful hunt talents and great personalities. We would recommend FarOut Fields to anyone searching for a sound, good quality Brittany as a gundog and/or pet

Roy and Linda Reape
Naples, FL

Bridie and Rohan

It was as important to us to find an ethical breeder as to find a talented one. We could not have done better than Jackie. We have two dogs with intelligence, great dispositions, and unbridled enthusiasm for birds. We'd heard that at FarOut Fields you could close your eyes, reach into the whelping box, pull out a pup, and later swear you'd chosen the pick of the litter. Not just because of the quality of the breeding stock but even more so because of the time and expertise Jackie provides each puppy from day one. I happen to know we indeed got the picks of the litter - even though the families who have their littermates think that they did, too.

Michael and Meredith Sitz
Jacksonville, FL


I purchased a Brittany puppy from Far Out Fields Brittanys. Whisper Spirit of Kula (Kula) was born in May 2005. Kula is my 4th Brittany and is by far the best Brittany I have ever owned. Jackie Arnold, the Breeder, has taken extraordinary efforts to breed her dogs for temperment, Brittany standards, and intelligence. Her kennel is spotless and she cares for her dogs deeply. You can see the fine breeding in Kula by his keen eye, agile movements, intelligence, and ease in training. All my future Brittanys will come from Far Out Fields Brittanys.

Mary Dockham
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


We got our Brittany from Jackie and we highly recommend her kennel. Not only is she an expert at what she does with her dogs, she loves her dogs. We've never had a Brittany prior to this one from Jackie and she has been a tremendous resource for us, she has answered every question we've had and our 10 month old pup is doing great. Visit her place one day and spend just a few minutes, you'll see what I mean.

Antoun Chebat
Weston, FL

Maggie Mae

Our experience with Jackie Arnold and FarOut Fields Brittanys has been outstanding in every way. We have owned 5 Brittanys and our last one we bought is a female named Maggie Mae, now 18 months old, and was through Jackie at FarOut Fields. We have been involved with one rescue Brittany and the other 4 from three breeders and by far FarOut Fields has been the best education on the breed and overall care that we have had, and she continues to follow all of her "kids"

Ralph and Marcia Reed
Toccoa, GA

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