Independent Brittany Rescue & Rehabilitation

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Rescues come in from many different backgrounds. Some come from kill shelters directly off of death row. Often it is the very day they were scheduled to lose their lives. Others are turned in by their owners for so many different reasons. Every once in awhile one comes from a breeder who doesn't want the dog any longer as it has gone over size for showing, is not a good enough specimen for showing, or it is done with it's show / breeding career. Often times the dogs that come in here are ones other rescues can not or do not want to deal with.

Dogs are not just housed here. They go through a lot before they are even made available for adoption. The first thing is getting them on good food and supplements, getting cleaned up which includes de-fleaing, de-ticking, bathing, nails, ears, teeth, anal gland, and professional styling. They are evaluated for health, temperament, habits, and personality. They immediately start socialization with other dogs and people. They are brought up to date on all shots, wormed, neutered, microchipped, tested for heartworms then either put on preventative or treated to become heartworm free, if anything else looks to be a possible problem for them they get the appropriate testing and treatment done.

As health and condition permit behavior modification and/or training starts. What is done varies with each dog. At the least they are taught to respond to their name, house trained, crate trained, taught to behave with other dogs and people, and given "canine good citizen" and "manner" training, and to behave properly in the car. If a problem with men surfaces, Rodger takes great pains working with them. He does a lot of snuggling with them so they learn that men are not all the same. At a point that varies for each dog they are made available for adoption.

Interested homes must fill out an adoption application which is sent upon request, references are checked, and homes are approved before moving on in the adoption process. All rescues will get lifetime help on any behavior or health issue.

Many dogs are adopted from here before even being made available to the general population. Many folks come back to get a second to be a companion to their first rescue. Once made available most don't go long before getting new families.

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