FarOut Fields Brittanys

FarOut Fields Zeus' Prophecy JH


11/25/02 to 12/2/14
Gone but never to be forgotten by so many.

Of us two young boys I'm the one who really would rather be with my people then anything else. You should see me move, I glide - poetry in motion. Zeek and I really have fun a lot running and playing together. We really like each other. Sometimes I have him down, sometimes he has me down - it's all in fun. I love, love, love puppies. I lay down with them to play and let them climb all over me. I teach them to dig until someone comes up and stops us. They try their best to pick up this Brittany art. As all of us, I have that deep, rich mahogany orange coloring on a pearly white. I also have points towards my Championship. I'm Mom's baby and I know it.

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