FarOut Fields Brittanys

INT CH FarOut Fields Angel Eyes Of Hope's JH

03/22/2001 - 02/02/18


I'm the most beautiful little girl you're every going to see. Take a look at my pedigree to see how great my background is. I'm also the sweetest one here. Everyone who comes over wants to take me home with them cause I'm such a lover. I'm the one here that has the most color. Notice that I have a lot of rich orange.

I'm a real hunter at home and in the field. While the others are looking for things I've found a tree with squirrels in it. When I have a find I share the information and bark that they are "over here". Everyone comes running when I call, including Dad with his gun. If I smell, see, or hear a squirrel on the other side of the fenced drive I just jump the fences to get to the other side. I can sail across them like a deer. No problem. This talent has come in handy another way. When folks come I wait till everyone is occupied with the other dogs, then I jump the drive fence to check out their cars. If the window is down I jump in to check out what I can find inside. So far I've scored four pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken, a huge Dentabone, and a Lunchable - that Mom knows of. I'm not telling her everything.

Life has changed a lot for me recently. Mom decided to retire me. I've been spayed and sold to a wonderful family. It's not that I was "thrown away". I liked it on the farm and with the others, but I always dreamed of a home where I'd be the Queen. I was low dog in the pack at the farm. I how live in a huge house with another Britt and I have my own cat that really loves me as much as the people. I get to swim in Tampa Bay, chase the Sea Gulls, go to the dog park all the time, go out in a boat, go for lots of walks and live in this huge house. They give me every comfort and luxury they can think of. I always have an available lap. Life was good, but now it's even better. I visit the farm and get to see my old pack all the time. I'm sooooo happy! I love, love, love my new people, new animal friends, and home. I've been lucky in life!!!!

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