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Z2 Litter Videos

Video of Z2 Litter

FarOut Fields Escada's Encore

Video of E.D. Saying Hi


Video of Freddie

CH FarOut Fields Lunar Eclipse, CD GN BN JH (“LuLu”)

Video of Lulu

FarOut Fields Noble Nellie Rose, CDX GN BN RA JH (“Nellie Rose”)

Video of Nellie Rose

Nothing to do with Brittanys - but anyone who shows or competes with their dog in any venue is bound to appreciate the sentiments expressed in this video.

Watch Award-winning Video "This is Zephyr"
The AKC congratulates special award honoree Diana Chan for winning the Dog Writers Association of America Junior Writer Award. Diana wrote and produced the short video "This is Zephyr," which chronicles the bond she and her Pointer, Zephyr, have developed inside and out of the show ring. Watch "This is Zephyr" on YouTube

Our friend's dog Gus (Brittany) entertains and serenades them every morning with his piano playing and singing.

Tiki's Agility Run Videos

Videos of Nubi

Click here to see Nubi's Agility Video

We will have our C-ATCH early next year. That is CPE's equivalent to a MACH. It is a prefix and championship level.

Here is the video. It should be much more clear than what you watched. He truly is incredible and surprises me more every day with his abilities.
Skye Video

Click here to see Skye's Video
It is our Excellent A standard Q run, we were 9 seconds under sanction time. Only dog out of 11 Excellent A to Q so a first place.

Ranger and Ed Open JWW at Brooksville

Lily in Group Video

Click here to see Lily's Group Video

Fancy's agility trials
Paws and Pals Agility Trial, Jacksonville Equestrian Complex, Jacksonville, FL.

Skye in Open JWW Class doing a Clean Run

Hi Jackie,
Hope you can access this video. The first dog in the video is Indy my trainers dog, then you will see Skye in Open JWW class doing a clean run...d:-)

Here is the link to the video:

Redd & Lilly's Doggie Fun Zone Video

I finally got Redd & Lily's video at the fun zone in lakeland. I wish there was more of Redd & Lily in the beginning. It is fun to watch. Redd cannnot keep up with Lily until they get to the A-Frame. Lily would not go over it but she found a way around it.

Here is the link to the video:

Squirrel Hunting Video

MADTA Agility Trial Videos

Chris and Fancy on Saturday

Ed and Ranger on Saturday

Chris and Fancy on Sunday

Ed and Ranger on Sunday

Below is a link to photos Alan took of our "kids" & Vikki's at the Doggie Fun Zone Saturday. A blast was had by all! The first photos are of Luke, than Queso, then Luke & Queso, followed by Jesse, Fancy & Shali. When Vikki's dogs were running ours were in the truck sitting in the front seat barking their heads off, fogging up the windows, beeping the horn & turning the blinkers & wipers on! When our dogs were running Vikki's dogs were in her car sitting in the front seat, barking with excitement & turning the flashers on! It was almost more excitement than they could stand.


Below is a link to a video Alan shot & edited of all our dogs running at the Doggie Fun Zone. I believe the running order in the video is Queso, then Luke & Queso, then Fancy & then Shali (Alan got still photos of Jesse but no video).

Mark, I'm curious to see what Keeper thinks of this video. With Fancy's yelping & all the action she may be overwhelmed.

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