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My nickname is "Worm". Everyone asks my Mom why in the world she calls me such a name. Personally I love it. She tells me that I've "wormed" my way deep into her heart. I am the alpha female around here and the oldest one, just slightly, of the girls. I immediately let any new dog that comes here who the boss is and what the rules are. If two of these guys get to playing to rough I step in to tell them to take it easy. I always stand up for the young ones since they need a protector just cause they are young. Once they are old enough they are on their own.

Sticky and I are great buddies. I bite and pull on his legs all the time. I was brought into the family specifically to be a buddy for Sticky. Sticky and I both know I'm the top girl around here.

I have the best nose of all of us. Judges have said there was no way there would be birds where I've said as I was upwind, Mom always kicked up a covey. They always said it was a real joy judging me. As far as the squirrels go - when I know one is treed I go to a shady spot close by and wait for them to come down. Mom always calls me in before that has ever happened. (sigh) Mom has said that if she had more time we'd go for more hunting titles, some obedience titles, and some agility titles. I'm game if she ever gets around to it.

One of my very favorite things to do is go into the big pool swimming. I'd swim all day if they'd let me. I always talk Dad into letting me swim with him. I'm the only one he lets do that. I just bat my long eyelashes at him and bark "Please". When he says okay I jump straight up into the air.

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