FarOut Fields Brittanys

GCH FarOut Fields Tequila Sunrise JHA CGC NAJ

Now owned by: Ashton Mustion - Clermont, FL


I'm back home!!! I went with another family when I was eight weeks old. They just couldn't handle me for lots of reasons. They sent me back to the farm - much to my delight. I have fit in completely. When I first got back here I thought I'd be queen bee, well the other girls - including my mom Fall - didn't see it the same way. They plain told me to wait in line.

I have several names now. Of course "Tiki" is one of them, but mom also calls me "Tiker Doodle", "Doodle" and "Psycho Bitch". That last one isn't fair. The reason I got it is cause when I came back I would jump the boundary fences (easy) and go running off, if you called me I'd play "you can't catch me" games - I would even go to tall grass and put my head down so I couldn't be seen, I would pee in the house and I had no idea what my name was. On top of those things I was full of myself. I am a really high energy and smart girl. Things are different now. I don't get called that name any more. I'd not dream of jumping the fences, of running off, I always come full speed when called and never fowl the house or my crate. I am even doing hunt tests now where I go to different places and get to run loose looking for birds. I'm getting really good at the commands. Finding birds and running are the easy parts. The first time I went I looked at mom and took off for the next county. I came back. I don't know what all the fuss was about that day. I just figured the birds would be way over there in the tree line. I've not done that again .....

I am a major lap dog and love to give kisses. It's neat going to the hunt tests with mom. One of the perks is getting to be on her lap a lot. I have earned my breed Championship. Folks are wanting mom to do Agility with me. I'm game, but she just says she doesn't have the time anymore for all those kinds of things like she did with Sticky (my dad).

I get along well with all the dogs that come in here for boarding and/or grooming, although I let them know I'm not one to be messed with. I love the people that come including the kids - I was raised with kids. I'm crazy about the laser toy. Mom won't play with me much with it as Cloey, Zeek, Shali and I go crazy over it. We can't think of anything else for days after one play session with it.

Mom says she's going to be breeding me in the future soon. That should be an interesting experience.

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